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Plans & forward thinking…. Or thinking forward…?

At First glance it seems rather simple to stick up four walls & create something simple & habitable…

At first glance…… The key words…!!!!!!!

It’s that time of the month where the budget has been and gone, there’s waaaaaaaaaay too much month left at the end of the £>€ conversion rate….
And thinking has to be about controlling next months outgoings & workings….

I think the problem with any ” Creative ” process is having the experience to be able to Adapt & Change & Go with the Flow, making the best of circumstances & happenings…

Half Full, Never Half Empty has long been a saying I’ve thought of as being ” very me ” ….. And here comes the ‘ BUT ‘ …..

BUT I don’t quite have that experience to be spontaneous with building a house….
I have ( or feel I have enough ) skills to attempt most things, have enough understanding & brains to work out what’s what… Sometimes though you just need that ” confirmation ” from someone who’s been there & done it from being a 15 year old apprentice through to bring a Journeyman & then on to a Master of his trade….

In the previous career, I HAD to plan, HAD to organise, HAD & WANTED to lead by example, hell you can’t take a Nuclear Submarine to sea for Three Plus Months with no chance of a a Food Top Up, if you ran outta something you Ran out… The plan was to run out towards the end, but ….. Never the stuff the Skipper likes, not if you want to have a grumpy Old Man in Charge of 20,000 Tonnes & a whole lot of Nuclear Warheads…..
Ok, you’re gonna use it up at some stage, but there ARE things you don’t want to run out of….. coffee, sugar, milk….. Etc….
Best you hope it’s not the Bog Roll that runs out…!!! 🙂 What goes in must come out….. Hahaha……
I can already see Stevie Micallef & Jean Brodie muttering on about Vegetable Curries & using certain Veg..:-) haha…..

Anyway… Plans & First Glances…

The image is the Layout of Gite 1…. Approximately..!!
Big boxes = Rooms, small boxes = Doors, Red lines = Windows / external doors….! Simples…
Or not as the case may turn out to be …..


The thing is….. The walls are there, the floor is there, there’s a ceiling of sorts…. BUT…. ( we’re back at that word again ) what needs going in there is :- AND there’s the Women’s Perogative, the twenty years of ” oh, I wouldn’t have put that there !!!!! ” to consider ….. 🙂

Lighting… What / where / Spots – pendants.. Lamps…Wall mounted / roof mounted ?

Plugs… How many….? Where.?? This reflects on what kit is going where. TV etc….. Which is reflected in the position of the lighting.??? & the Heating….

Heating… Underfloor.??? Electric wall mounted radiators, wheeled plug in ones.???? gas fire.?? ( does that mean an external gas tank & Plumbed line in…???? Thermostats & wiring for them…??

Insulation….. Probably more important than you think … But it needs to go in DURING the process…

Kitchen…. Simple enough, but it needs to be light bright & airy & user friendly…. And the Plumbing…!

Bathroom …… Simple enough you’d think…. A cludgie, a shower & a wash hand basin…. BUT… The plumbing needs to be SUCH that it ties in with the existing plumbing to the Fosse & to the Hot water tank & cold water feeds….. AND works with the Kitchen ( see above ) …

Oh and it all needs the Windows & Eternal doors Fitting…!

AND on top of that little lot… I’ve gotta get the Sparky & Plumber to understand ( my Spoken French is improving BUT… ) & get the lines run DURING the process of putting the basis together… 🙂 hence the requirement to get the What’s Going Where Sorted EARLY……:-)
Image taken Late Nov 2013….. My Nephew Lee Daglish & my Father respectively…