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Updates…. Relocating to North West France. :-)

Well, where to begin… ?

It’s been a bit of a long road, a Trek indeed, BUT Finally we have a starting point.

On Friday 6th September, in a small office in St Jean de Daye, @ 50 miles South of Cherbourg, on the Cotentin Peninsula, WE signed for the new Property.

A set of three ” baitment ” buildings.
Agricultural Buildings that are some 30+ meters in length EACH, and two are East West Facing.

One will be a House & the other the Studio, the other, an open plan Barn, will be used as dry storage for over wintering Caravans / mobile homes ( hopefully ) …..

It’s a long road… And not quite gonna be an easy road… But it’s a Worth While Road.


Inspirational work, Thorsten Jankowski.
2009 Video @ 25 frames a second.

Important information.

Photography Copyright fact sheet from UK Copyright Service.

Dance Twice Course Mon 14th May 4-7pm & 7-10pm

New Course Date of Monday 14th May… £55 via paypal.

DANCE TWICE..  Spaces filling quickly

featuring the very talented Gem N UK Model 

Dance Twice

Dance Twice

New Course Available

new course ready to go, advertising it after the weekend, once I sort out dates.

Exploration of Motion

New Webpage, Weddings by Darkhorsephotos

A hidden page, simply because the mother of the bride would be shocked by what else I shoot..:-))

Look at the webpage and images first then redirect to the main webpage.problem solved.


Getting Closer to Final Major Images.

Had an excellent 8 hours in the studio on Friday just gone with Nicole Ryan & Anita Bradshaw.

They worked SO hard and tried everything I asked , I have some really great images to be getting stuck into editing over the next week.

Firstly though is a complete repopulation of the website, and documenting the changes.

Here are a few of last friday’s shots.