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Best Light & planning for it. Studio = Exciting times.

Who would have thought that planning a simple open plan Box building to take photos in would be so complicated….?

Of course it would be… !!!

There are aspects of several places I want to take the best from & create THE BEST STUDIO IN NORTHERN EUROPE… !!!
Attracting TOP Photographers from all over to come Shoot here, Achieve here, Teach here & Love the place.

The Daylight of Hallam Mill, the Cove @ Pini’s Brent Cross, the Dark Room @ Contrast Glasgow.

20140409-093323.jpg image by me @ Hallam Mill, The Charming Miss Abbey Tagney, dancer extraordinaire.

20140409-093527.jpg image by me @ Pini’s, The Loveable Sisters, Rosie & Macie, having an absolute ball with fabric…:-)

Anna the Ballerina, @ Brent Cross, one exposure, one shot, one take….


And lastly some lightpainting in a DarkRoom.
Rebecca Leah, Professional Model.
Image By Miss Lisa Mason, credit where it’s due…..


I’m after the ” best possible light ” and that means dedicated areas of brightness & shade & fall off & directionality, variety, usability, uniqueness ( definitely a major point ) , blackout room, Make up Room, changing areas, Client reception / waiting room, windows , doors, access…..!!!
And they are just a few of the things on the list… !!!


A starting point had to be the actual layout of the building to be.
NOW, do I start from Roof down.? Or Ground floor up.? Or the Areas that I want & adapt the walls from there.?

Head scratching galore… I guess once I get started with the basics things will fall into place.

A box, yet because I’m wanting two storeys, there needs to be internal walls, or at least a pillar of support for the Floor joists. This is probably the cheaper more space conscious thinking.?

The above image is strong in the Thinking Process, added to that is this one..


The Studio block IS almost North / South in its layout, making the Aspects of it EAST / WEST… :-). Strongest Directional Light.
And I have to make best use of that fact with the shooting areas , at least on the upper floor…….



Something as simple as a Velux in the roof or a dedicated door facing east / west will give me entirely different results as seen above.

Cassie Jade, a model I know posted a Location image, somewhere she went for a shoot.
A disused Workshop / Industrial space, it featured a pair of long thin strips of windows in the roof.
A new bit of thinking.? Oh how the opportunities are there to be explored.!!!

Chiara Elizabeth, another model I know, posted another Location image & that also appealed to my sense of scene setting…



The second image is also something I want to be able to create in my Studio Space.

Everything IS DOABLE…. Just takes organising & thinking…:-)

Exciting Times Ahead I think…. 🙂