Update……   Eventually.  

After what has been a hell of a challenging few months and lots of changes in the place….

Time for an update…
The Gite Is active & has a few good bookings confirmed this year, June being fully booked…

But sadly May & July are quiet…   And the Tour De France is local for three days in July… Normandie will be absolutely bouncing wall to wall with Cyclists…


We have American, Canadian & Australian clients this year, so it seems the word of the Gite is spreading…

And returning clients from the UK too…  As well as some new Clients coming to experience the peaceful way of life & superb weather here in Normandie..


Lately it’s been all heavy physical work and most of it done only by myself….

The heaviest of that being the Joists put up onto the First Floor of what will eventually be Gite 2…

7meters in length by 225mm by 75mm ….. In pine..

I can thank Royal Navy Leadership Training & problem solving for the ability to get such monster ous joists in place by myself….

The images below are of the Gable end yet to be complete do…  It’s 12M by 7M by two stories….  The size of a semi detached house in the UK…

Yeah…. That IS the wife’s mini in the space that will be Gite 2….   Gives the sense of size…

We hope to have a good few more clients this year, and are looking to achieve the rest of the roof above the joists complete this year too ….

WE would love to have you over here as Clients & Guests to experience the fantastic way of life here…..

About darkhorsephotos

Experienced Qualified Professional Photographer, Ex Miltary Royal Navy 24 years B.A Honours 1st Class Hons Currently Building a business & home in Normandy France. View all posts by darkhorsephotos

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