A pleasant surprise for the end of the year.

A long over due blog post…..

Was very pleasantly surprised when a former student posted an image of me and some very kind words posted on my personal facebook page, shared with my friends & it has been shown a lot of love by them.

Randall Hobbet
Randall’s personal website
Tumblr > well worth a look


” Sometimes a simple lighting check results in a great shot.
Just discovered this one hiding amongst the ~1800 images I took of Raphaella Mcnamara at Hallam Mill 15 months ago.

This is my friend Andy Milne who was instrumental in giving me my start in working with professional art models.
Andy introduced me to a number of the top UK models while my wife and I were living in Oslo, Norway and traveling frequently to the UK for pleasure.

Andy facilitated my first ever studio shoot in June of 2012 connecting me with incredibly lovely and sweet Ivory Flame, providing the lighting set-ups and coaching me on communicating with a model during a shoot.
You always remember your first time, right?!
Thank you so much Holly for such a memorable launch on this passion of mine.

Andy and I connected four times over the next year and a quarter in London and near Manchester for shoots before we repatriated to California in October 2013.
Now, this past year, the first full year back home in California, the world of model photography – dance, fashion, and art nude — has consumed much of my time and energy. I’ve done something like 37 arranged shoots and taken over 30,000 pictures in 2014 and am loving every bit of it.

Andy, thank you for giving me such a great start, and thanks too to all the models I have worked with – you all are so amazing and wonderful and beautiful.
I love you all! ”

Below are links to images of Randall’s from the tuition shoots.

Katy > Sculpted

Kayleigh Lush > Flowing Red

Ivory Flame > anonymous

And finally one from Manchester session at Hallam Mill, with the fantastic Raphaella McNamara


I am very pleased to have been a part of Randall’s journey & growth as a photographer.

Please DO go check out his Tumbr & Personal website….
The Dance Work & Art Nudes are fantastic.
Randall’s personal website
Tumblr > well worth a look

All images ARE Copyright of Randall Hobbet.
Some of my Favourites from his Tumblr account.

raphaella > window light


Kayla > Santa Cruz Beach

Lament for a Fallen Oak

And finally a reminder that Spring is coming.
Which is a call to arms for myself to get out & work this year.
Having found a few secluded & not so secluded locations in the past few months to shoot figures at.

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Experienced Qualified Professional Photographer, Ex Miltary Royal Navy 24 years B.A Honours 1st Class Hons Currently Building a business & home in Normandy France. View all posts by darkhorsephotos

2 responses to “A pleasant surprise for the end of the year.

  • Paul Jones

    Hi Andy

    Happy New Year!

    That’s a good photo of you. I just checked out Randall’s website, he has some excellent nude images on there – very well done.

    I hope you’re keeping well and the work on the house is progressing well.

    Let me know if you’re ever coming over to the UK. You’re always welcome.

    Best wishes


    • darkhorsephotos

      Thank you Paul, it’s been a busy and somewhat rapid year,

      The changes here are coming along, slowly, am waiting on others turning up & completing their jobs, sparky / plumber, and then We can get on with lots more ourselves….

      I’m hoping to add another update this week, about the house & the landscape here….

      Been looking at French Model / Phot sites, and thinking about joining. But only found 1 that looks decent….


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