Long over due….

Yes, a long while since I got the spare time to sit and think about another blog post.

To be fair , as far as the actual building process goes it’s all been very quiet…
Money has been the responsible for that….

The whole world is affected by Budgets, some work some don’t , but I have to make this one work…. There is no get out of jail card.
It’s all been manual labour tasks this past month, trying to clear the ” garden ” … It’s more of a Weedery than a garden…
And parts of that weedery are nearly five feet tall… !!!

The Strimmer is the weapon of choice to try and keep on top of the ones in front of the house.

More clearing of the accumulated soil on the hard stand close to the Studio Block, this has taken a long time owing to the shallow root system of the ivy / nettles / brambles & rat grass… But it’s getting there…

It may not look much in the image, but the bit that’s back to concrete hardstand is around 1000 Msq….. !!!!!

Other tasks > clearing the roof of the studio block…
Not quite as bad as I thought it might be, but still took two days…!



AND the clearing of the soil / root / weeds & stones ( bricks blocks & rubble ) from the front of the studio block, the bit that I need to extend the building to 8M wide. So I can put the new supports in place concreted / bolted to the existing wall..



Back breaking work… And in between all of this graft was D-day….!!!

Next blog post will be about the shots I achieved over that week..
In the mean time…
Take it easy… Put your feet up and enjoy the Sun …



Catch you on the Flip Side.

About darkhorsephotos

Experienced Qualified Professional Photographer, Ex Miltary Royal Navy 24 years B.A Honours 1st Class Hons Currently Building a business & home in Normandy France. View all posts by darkhorsephotos

4 responses to “Long over due….

  • Rob Noble

    Andy think of it as a butterfly garden rather than a weedery! somebody loves the weeds, sorry butterfly garden. By the time I have my army of helpers ready to go you will have finished! 🙂 all power to your elbow!


    • darkhorsephotos

      There’s lots of local animals loving the five feet tall weeds on the other side of the open barn, but I’m dreading the fact I have to wade into it to trim it up at some point > next year…. 🙂 or get the tractor driven hedge trimming machine to give it a once over… It’s slow going Rob, but hopefully July will see significant building changes , including a full electricity line into the house…! Only taken them six months to get to this point…!!!!

  • Rob Noble

    Not that I stalked you of course?!!! but after your horse trotting photos, ok I stalked you to find out where you were…. very nice rural area too nice for you!! the photos were very, very good matey glad you did not get run over by a run away trap! only you would run across a race track! well must leave you tea break approaches such a hectic pace out here……NOT!

    • darkhorsephotos

      Never get between the Stores Branch & their Kettle..;-) I didn’t run across the track, I crossed over during the break between races & didn’t get into the Chase Van, I just sauntered off to a corner to catch the perfect shot… 😉
      Yes, it’s a rural area, top of a small hill with the house facing West.. But I worked my fair shift & then some to sort out emigrating & enjoying life as a retired gentleman..;-) some retirement, I’m grafting hard every day & loving it…. Haha.

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