FatBoy Slim > We’ve come a long way baby….

It’s been a bit of a good week weather wise, and with that, we have managed to make the Upper level of the house Watertight, or as near as damn it…. @ 95%….

The a East side is finished, barring the Chimney piece that’s now on order….
The West face, there’s Two full windows fitted & the frame in place for the Sliding Glass of the Third…
BUT because I still need @ 250 Tiles lifted onto the roof, there’s no Glass fitted yet to avoid possible damage etc…
BTW…250 tiles = 1 & 1/4 metric Tonnes.!!!! By hand..!!!

It was this evening I asked myself about how far we’d come … As the changes are gradual, it’s hard to step back & observe..

So I went to the Archives… And… Below is a compare & contrast..:-)



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