Momentous Days & Expensive Ones…

Momentous …… Such days are rare indeed, they only happen every 1000th Monday in your lifetime ( if you are lucky ) …

Everything seemed to happen on the same day…!

The Brand New A Frame ( in green oak ) is made & up….
It is now supporting the weight of the roof Truss, the ‘Orrible Breeze Block Wall can come down, but that’s Next Year…


The Permis de Construire is complete, it gets handed in Monday Morning ..! 🙂
The entire East side of the Roof is ready for tiling. It’s all battened up & waiting…


The Tiles… > around 7 Metric Tonnes have been lifted & Shifted, up to the ” Premier Etagé ” ready to be drilled & passed out the Window to be screwed individually to the Roof…
That’s 1/2 of the tiles…! Only 1/2… My back & arms ached…

The Windows Were Ordered & are due for collection Wednesday coming, the Fire / WoodBurning Stove was ordered two weeks ago, it’s also due for delivery this week…!
That’s 180Kg of Iron & Glass to go upstairs…!!!
The Windows WILL be every bit as heavy…. Well the Velux not quite so, but the three 2M 15cm x 1M 80cm wide Double Glazed PVC West Side Windows WILL BE…

The Fact that Two of the Dormers are almost ready for the retaining concrete walls to be knocked out & the gap ready for receiving them… They have been Sliced ready for the mallet & chisel job that will be Tuesday / Wednesday WEATHER permitting.?? More like Friday..


Expensive…. Well they are much more common than their Momentous cousins..:-)

Things are Coming together nicely ……… But
The Three Velux Windows… The Three Large windows, the Stove / Woodburner & the A Frame & the Building Materials & the Tiles for the roof…. The Water Board Fees for Connection are a bit steep & the Electricity board fees will be equally Steep I’m sure… But a necessary evil ….

Expense was expected… But that’s life… And the Future… Our Future.. & my Fantastic Wife…

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