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Uber Productive Day….

Where to start….? That was only one of the problems…. !!!

Finally achieved the completion of all of the strimming & garden type work this week , now the heavy stuff begins.

The Permis de Construire is complete, collect it Friday coming. :–) and that’s another huge step taken towards the Red Tape side of things….
The STGS ( water board ) came out last Thursday , Devis inbound for connection to the mains…. That’s gonna be an Ouch €€€€€€€€ wise. 😦

Electricity board for full connection to mains are dragging their Arses, but I do have temp power….:-) so it’s a start…

BUT today was an Uber Productive Day…. Over 1/2 the east roof off ( slates only ) , the other 1/2 & the strapping to do tomorrow whilst waiting on Delivery of all the roof materials & Tiles, As well as the ” Charpentier ” build the new A Frame from exceptionally heavy Green Oak. 9×3 inch beams…

Today , it’s after midnight as I write this, will be a good day……






A Glorious Saturday in Normandy.

Well, it’s a glorious day here @ Darkhorsephotos…..

Task of the day :- go and shoot some shots of the changes to the house & property, sort out the rest of the sizes for the windows & plan the ordering of them… I.E. The stock numbers & sizes / finishes & set them all up one one sheet so we can just walk in & order easily….
Numbers seem to negate the Language Barrier.:-)

Then :- off to show my nephew some local history… Probably Utah beach with the Pooch.:-) and enjoy a Cidre Bouché before a lazy afternoon in the sunshine watching the sun drop from the “Premier Etagé” of the new place….

Life’s good…

Enjoy it while you can…


A day of Beaches….. Not just any beaches though . :-)

Well, it’s the weekend…

Been a busy little hector all week, seems like I achieved not much, but got there in the end…
Tomorrow evening I collect my middle nephew from Caen Ferry ( ouistreham ) and then the work level cracks on…..
But …. In the mean time… There’s a ” rendez-vous ” with Une Charpentier @ 10am local ish… No body is ever on time here…. & then it’s off to the shops & then the beaches….

Yup… Gold, Sword, Juno, Omaha & Utah….
The pooch is gonna go daft at SO much sand & space…
I’m gonna go daft at all the history…

Last Planned UK Shoot…

What with being all busy with the big move and all, shooting for myself had become quite a rarity, a really sad bit of news….

But hey ho..
Like the proverbial London bus, you wait around and sure enough Two turn up at once….:-)

The Fantastic Miss Camilla Rose Helley @ Eye For an Image Studio @ Banbury ( Martyn Davies ) who managed to organise this on the Sunday for me, turning it into a group shoot & a break down of four single hours to complete Camilla’s day…
Camilla’s Secrets of Insanity Blog
Here’s a pair from that day…



And then a bit of Tuition @ Hallam Mill, Stockport…
Many Thanks to the inked Beauty that is Becky Holt for the introduction to Levi….





Updates…. Relocating to North West France. :-)

Well, where to begin… ?

It’s been a bit of a long road, a Trek indeed, BUT Finally we have a starting point.

On Friday 6th September, in a small office in St Jean de Daye, @ 50 miles South of Cherbourg, on the Cotentin Peninsula, WE signed for the new Property.

A set of three ” baitment ” buildings.
Agricultural Buildings that are some 30+ meters in length EACH, and two are East West Facing.

One will be a House & the other the Studio, the other, an open plan Barn, will be used as dry storage for over wintering Caravans / mobile homes ( hopefully ) …..

It’s a long road… And not quite gonna be an easy road… But it’s a Worth While Road.